Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Men In Black

Saturday evening was freakin' sweet! I helped out at the American Chamber of Commerce Beijing Charity Ball. For the price of being a crowd plant in the mini-show (me in costume, see right,) I got to hob-nob with the affluent of Beijing while eating complimentary food and sipping complimentary drinks. For a guy who gets a kick out of meeting new people, networking, and eating, this was the party of parties!

I was not alone, my friend John (cone-head on left) was the star of the mini-show, and three other friends are members of the feature band.

The event was fantastically organized - they really went all-out! Our theme was Men in Black, so everyone showed in black suits and tuxes.

Here's the band. That's Rich on the trumpet and Joe on the mic. Tanya also sang backup female vocalist. These guys are very talented - I was/still am very impressed.


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