Friday, May 04, 2007

Day 3: Rainy Li River Cruise

And still it rains...Not at all discouraged, Rahman and I signed up for an early morning river cruise. Adrianna opted to continue sleeping until 10:00 again! The scenery is ridiculously cool, the mountains look especially magical in a misty rain, but I do wish we could have seen the countryside in full sun at least once. I’ll just have to go back sometime!

There is one thing you should know about traveling in China. Most of the Chinese tourists have never left their own country, and many have never even seen anyone who is not Chinese - so they wanted pictures with us. The blond-headed Polish and German girls we met were also very popular with Chinese tourists.

These are the two best pictures I captured from the river cruise. (Above and Below)

This village’s architecture is much different from Beijing. Many of the buildings on this street are made of wood – while in Beijing all of the older buildings are of mud bricks or concrete. Makes for great pictures!
Life in busy, glitzy, polluted Beijing can be a love-hate relationship, but I really fell for sleepy rural China.


At 11:30 AM, Anonymous mom said...

Maybe Emily can tell us how those mountains were supposedly formed since she made an "A" in Geology! Would that be a catastrophic flood type thing?


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